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Content Creation

Content is King. High quality content drives interest and engagement for a business. Your brand needs a steady stream of content for your own marketing channels and social media.

We believe in maximising every piece of content, from thought leadership articles, case studies, white papers, award entries and more, to ensure every piece is fully utilised to attract and engage your target customer. As the leading B2B PR agency, we know how to create engaging content for corporate campaigns. Our team of skilled writers works with clients to plan, write and place content with key publications.


Media relations

Creating successful B2B PR campaigns and driving high-profile branded press coverage for your business requires press contacts and a media strategy. Building relationships with key industry journalists can help to drive outstanding results for a campaign.

Jargon PR specialists work with dozens of journalists from the national, tech and business media on a day-to-day basis to create opportunities and place content in the media. This drives enquiries, web traffic and engagement in your brand.



Podcasts offer the ability to educate, inform and engage with existing and potential clients. Episodes can share key messages to an external audience or communicate internally, and are perfect for reaching an international audience. With our knowledge across the B2B tech PR landscape, we can help you clearly communicate key messages to your stakeholders.

Jargon PR will work with you on forward planning, to develop engaging discussion themes, help to finalise a podcast schedule and liaise with any guests. Episodes are uploaded to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.


Social Media

Today customers turn to social media to learn and discover. A strong presence on social media is critical to help ensure you are in front of your target customers. Communicating on these platforms effectively spreads awareness and engagement with your brand. Whether you’re looking for PR for tech startups, or well-established businesses, social media plays a key part in your communications strategy.

Our team are experts in creating and managing a wide variety of social media profiles for our clients. We work with clients to develop a monthly schedule suggesting content to share across each platform based on industry trends, upcoming events, and relevant media coverage such as company news or thought leadership articles.



We have an exclusive partnership with, the world’s most trusted business media brand. This unique service drives credibility for your personal and company brand and creates a competitive advantage for you.

Working together we can create 10 articles over a one-year period and place these on your own branded area of The Jargon PR team will work with you to establish key themes and draft insightful content for your branded platform.


Conference Speaker

Speaking opportunities put you at the forefront of target audiences. These can generate awareness of your business, as well as raising the profile of key spokespeople.

We have a strategic and shared approach to planning, management and delivery of earned speaker engagements, in order to maximise efficiency, results and budgets. Our team will research the most relevant events, liaise with organisers and work with you to draft the speaker submission.



Maximising Equity Value through a sale requires a strategy and planning. Creating, showcasing and reinforcing the correct company brand messaging provides you with a unique position in the market. This will maximise the greatest financial value from a sale.

Jargon PR has a unique methodology to bring a business to market and publicise it for sale. We have helped numerous entrepreneurs sell their business due to our unique and proven methodology.



Being recognised in industry awards is important when communicating credibility and positioning the company above key competitors as an ‘award-winning’ business. A successful awards campaign requires a proactive, diligent and highly organised approach.

Jargon PR will plan a comprehensive awards timeline with key dates and deadlines, research the key industry awards and relevant categories and draft award entries and working with customers where relevant



We work with exciting startups and corporates to raise their profile, create buzz and make an investment happen. Our B2B tech PR campaigns have supported a number of businesses before, during, and after successful funding rounds.

Over the past ten years, Jargon PR has executed the PR for tech startups and scale-ups. Our unique expertise and insight makes Jargon PR the perfect partner for any startup looking to raise its profile, in order to raise funding.


Reputation Management

When a crisis hits, you need the right team behind you immediately. Our reputation management services have helped protect brands against the negative impact of product recalls, corporate espionage, public health disasters and hacks.

The team at Jargon PR are experts in handling and managing your reputation. We provide a strategic plan to best prepare for a potential crisis as well as carefully drafted content and advice for when a crisis has already occurred, to ensure you can minimise the damage to your business.


Analyst Relations

Analyst briefings are a key part of a B2B PR campaign, as they offer the opportunity to highlight a company’s technology capabilities. It builds further credibility within your market with strategic identification of key industry analysts to be regularly briefed on your business proposition

Jargon PR will work with relevant analysts which create market-specific reports for your particular industry/technology. In order to coordinate an effective analyst relations campaign, Jargon PR will research when each report is created to ensure outreach to the appropriate analysts.


Trade Show Support

Trade shows are an optimum opportunity to maximise key spokespeople to get them directly in front of the press who are attending. Such events represent a significant opportunity to plan launches and conduct press briefings with key executives.

We’re one of the top PR agencies for startups, SMEs, and global businesses to maximise opportunities at trade shows. Our team supports clients pre, during, and post-trade show to create website event content, draft ongoing social promotion ahead of the show, set up media interviews, pitch for feature content, live social media support during the show, and create post-show content.



Messaging workshops establish typically small, bite-sized pieces of information about a business which are used in any communications activity to educate your target audience about your business and make sure they are familiar with your key values, traits and objectives.

Our messaging workshops provide key stakeholders with the support to establish a coherent plan for an effective way to communicate their business offering with key audiences. Jargon PR will polish the key messages and proof points, along with recommended communications channels for the key messages.


Executive Profiling

Our Executive Profiling service builds your reputation and will enable you to become a key person of influence in your industry. It provides credible market insight, builds prestige and heightens credibility.

Our service creates and manages your brand in the media as well as across your professional LinkedIn channel. We use comment and interview opportunities, thought leadership articles, and a social media programme to build your personal reputation.


Media Training

Media training is critical for key individuals/ spokespeople who are likely to be put in front of journalists, to ensure they are prepared for any situations that might arise.

Our workshops focus on developing strong presentation skills and press training. Participants learn how to respond to difficult questions with clarity to convey the correct message, as well as key interview tips and tricks.


Media Audit

As part of the planning stage for all campaigns, we perform media audits for our clients to generate insights which help us to understand the current media perception of a business and plan insightful campaigns that will be well received by the target media.


Reporting & Management

Reporting and Management is crucial to the success of any campaign. Our team will keep you updated with daily communication and a weekly full team conference call.

In addition we create a quarterly ‘big picture’ review where we look at the agreed KPI’s and the campaign progress and media coverage.


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