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Retail & eCommerce

Retail is continuously transforming as technology disrupts every aspect of the sector. From order and inventory management to the rise of e-commerce and virtual store exploration, technology is rewriting the customer experience. Those building next-generation solutions are vital to helping retailers shift their operating models to accommodate the stepchange in buying behaviours.

We’re one of the top PR agencies for the retail and eCommerce sector. We deliver brand-building communications strategies for retail technology providers in the UK and internationally, that establish our clients as valuable partners and support growth ambitions on a global level. Through carefully curated content and extensive media relations, our B2B tech PR campaigns communicate far-reaching knowledge of the sector to deliver impactful results and enable our clients to demonstrate their expertise to brands and potential customers, establishing a competitive market position.

Case Study: Fluent Commerce


IoT & Connectivity

Life is becoming smarter and the need for connectivity solutions is constantly rising as a result. The Internet of Things is now just as commonplace as the mobile phone and it’s ubiquity makes it the perfect solution to many long-standing social and industrial challenges. Enter the need for a proactive communications strategy.

Our widespread knowledge of the connectivity market has served a number of organisations looking to amplify their brand in a growing sector and increase their presence in the vertical markets they wish to serve. We provide a forward thinking approach that matches the pace of IoT innovation to drive sales pipelines and stimulate lead generation for an ever growing number of use cases. Strategic media and analyst relations fuel brand awareness and industry reputation for pioneers in one of the most exciting industries today.

Case Study: Wireless Logic



The EdTech market is growing exponentially in a time of unprecedented demand. Traditional education is becoming increasingly blended with technology. Students are more digitally-savvy and educators have access to new tools and technologies that can adapt their learning spaces effectively and efficiently amidst tight budgets.

For many years, we have supported EdTech companies and other technology providers in communicating the benefits that their solutions serve to both students and their teachers. We provide crucial media relations to clients around education trade shows and combine this with storytelling that communicates purpose, making your business not just a technology provider, but a trusted partner for enabling better education.

Case Study: Funexpected


Mobile & Telecoms

Mobile and telecoms technology has been a true driving force for innovation as our lives become increasingly fluid. Be it the new standard of unified communications in the workplace or the enterprise-grade networks used to interact through our mobile devices, service providers play a fundamental role in keeping society connected.

From global industry leaders to UK market challengers, we have vast experience in running brand awareness campaigns at every level of the mobile and telecoms sector.
Our campaigns are carefully created to align client goals, whilst providing commentary and insight on wider market developments. We build strategies that spotlight the expertise of stakeholders and educate on user value in a sector filled with innovation.

Case Study: DOCOMO Digital


Broadcast & AV

Visual technologies are the lifeblood of modern entertainment and communication. From professional-grade television broadcasting to corporate conferencing, audiovisual technology has the power to transform any experience in the home, in the media, at work and in everyday life.

Here at Jargon PR, we understand the importance of broadcast and AV solutions in an increasingly virtual world. We combine our knowledge of the sector with long-standing media relations to position clients at the cutting edge of AV technology and drive impactful business results.

Case Study: Promethean


Ad:Tech & Marketing

In an age of discovery, digital marketing and advertising solutions are vital to the modern brand experience. Providers are key to connecting brands with customers in new and exciting ways, through intuitive technology that allows traditional creatives to bring their messages to the masses quickly and effectively. From programmatic ads to PPC and influencer marketing, we have years of experience in securing quality media coverage for the sector’s technology partners.

We work with clients in all parts of the digital marketing and ad tech ecosystem to build unique messaging that cuts through the noise and generates meaningful awareness in a saturated market. We engage with key stakeholders to establish the unique challenges and opportunities in this evolving sector, creating content that builds identity and supports growth across the business.

Case Study: NMPi


Consumer Tech

Consumer technology brands operate in increasingly crowded markets. With competition ever-growing, launching a new brand or driving cut-through for new products can be extremely challenging without an effective communications strategy. A successful consumer tech campaign relies on a deep understanding of your target audience and a passion for unique technology that enhances everyday lives. This is what we bring to your consumer tech business.

Our team of specialists work with challenger consumer tech brands to diversify, drive awareness and credibility that transforms them into category winners. We deliver bespoke campaign strategies which combine planning of new product launches, product review campaigns, social community engagement and seasonal features, to maximise awareness and establish advocacy from the most renowned consumer technology media outlets.


Case Study: TP-Link


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