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Retail Marketing Group - Helping Retailers Bounceback from the Pandemic

Jargon PR has worked with Retail Marketing Group since February 2021 to support the business in driving awareness of its new solutions, and create content exploring how retailers can navigate through the rapidly evolving industry following the pandemic.

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//Retail Marketing Group – Helping Retailers Bounceback from the Pandemic


Retail Marketing Group is an award-winning UK-based marketing agency that works with world-class brands to help create emotional connections with their consumers and customers.

Retail Marketing Group - Helping Retailers Bounceback from the Pandemic

  • Duration : 10 months
  • Client : Retail Marketing Group
  • Sector : Retail
  • Region : UK

- Drive significant levels of industry awareness and understanding for the new immersive virtual event platform

- Communicate Retail Marketing Group’s unique position throughout the marketing, retail and business media

- Create significant profiling opportunities for Retail Marketing Group and its spokespeople in the media.

Services used

- Event Support
- Executive Profiling
- Content Creation
- Media Relations
- Messaging
- PR Consultation

Strategy & Execution

- News: Drive awareness of Retail Marketing Group's latest partnerships and product launches

- Thought Leadership: Create a series of articles exploring the changing retail landscape, and how retailers can best navigates these changes to remain competitive

- Event Support: Secure media opportunites for the business around key retail trade shows

- Executive Profiling: Build the profile of Retail Marketing Group's spokespeople and further drive credibility for the business


- Content focussed towards Retail Marketing Group’s new messaging successfully established the business’ unique position as the leading virtual events platform.

- Ongoing news and thought leadership coverage communicated the expertise of the business and shared unique insights into the virtual events industry.

- Media features and interviews generated awareness of Retail Marketing Group’s executives and established credibility for the business.

- Generated awareness of Retail Marketing Group’s latest feature announcements and partnerships .