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Quickchannel- Positioning as the Leading Cloud Based Service Provider

Jargon PR works with Quickchannel to drive the company’s credibility in a campaign that positions the business as the leading online streaming and recording service. The campaign has achieved coverage in top tier enterprise, AV, technology and business media.

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//Quickchannel- Positioning as the Leading Cloud Based Service Provider


Quickchannel is dedicated to delivering video and streaming solutions at the forefront of technology. It helps organisations save time, by reducing travel, money, by reaching larger audiences, and also reduces the impact on the environment by embracing digital technology.

Quickchannel- Positioning as the Leading Cloud Based Service Provider

Category : Broadcast & AV

- Raise Quickchannel’s business profile in a campaign that targets the key enterprise, AV, technology and business media throughout the UK.
- Drive significant levels of brand awareness for Quickchannel, and position the business as a leader in cloud based streaming, recording and web TV solution service.
- Generate significant levels of market credibility for Quickchannel and communicate key sales messages.

Services Used

- Content Creation
- Media Relations
- PR Consultation

Strategy and Execution

- THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Secure thought leadership opportunities to allow key spokespeople to inform businesses of Quickchannel expertise. Topics include informative updates on how businesses can create better content and drive customer interest.
- NEWS: Utilise news announcements to communicate Quickchannel’s new partnerships and features to its streaming platform.
- CASE STUDIES: Plan, draft, write and issue regular case studies that showcase Quickchannel’s previous work with companies which have resulted in increased audience engagement.
- FEATURE OPPORTUNITIES: Drive features for Quickchannel in credible business, marketing and tech sources.


- Jargon PR delivered significant amounts of awareness for Quickchannel through earning timely and well delivered coverage amongst major Business, Technology, Marketing, UX, Telecoms, AV/Broadcast press.
- Highlighted Quickchannel’s expertise and continued to build the brand’s credibility through timely and well delivered case studies that identified the company’s great customer value. This worked to position the brand as an expert software solution provider for businesses.
- Thought leadership opportunities in target media worked to grow awareness of Quickchannel and identify the services offered.