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Draganfly- Launching the Draganflyer X6 drone in the UK.

Jargon PR worked with Draganfly to increase the awareness of its new Draganflyer drone, whilst displaying innovation superiority over other drone brands. Additionally, the campaign highlighted the importance of the drone industry to the UK press, through showcasing the benefits. The three-month sprint campaign received 12 pieces of coverage in top tier national press with over 3 million opportunities to see.

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//Draganfly- Launching the Draganflyer X6 drone in the UK.


Draganfly prides itself in being the trusted name in UAV hardware, software, sensors and services with over 20 years of innovation. Draganfly understands that sustainability requires frequent efforts towards innovation, which is why it has outlived most drone companies.

Draganfly- Launching the Draganflyer X6 drone in the UK.


- Raise awareness of the Draganfly as a leading industry player amongst major UK press to aid the launch of its latest drone.
- Provide expert insights into the importance of drones, gaining acknowledgement of why they are crucial in delivering a range of benefits both commercially and professionally.
- Position Draganfly as experts of innovation, creating important industry transformations that put the brand ahead of competitors.

Services Used

- Content creation
- Media relations
- Review programme
- PR consultation

Strategy and Execution

- NEWS: Generate awareness of the Draganflyer in the UK, whilst building general acknowledgement of the brand around the UK.
- THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Position Draganfly as industry experts through a series of insightful opinions in relevant industry press.
- PRODUCT REVIEWS: Feature the Draganflyer in tech industry product reviews to gain positive insight and increase credibility.


- The campaign successfully announced the news of the Draganfly drone landing in the UK amongst relevant tech industry press, in a way that communicated the importance of the product to several key industries, including: Military, Public Safety and Agriculture as well as commercial use.
- Jargon PR’s team of expert writers delivered content that excited and engaged Draganfly’s broad range of customers, positioning the brand and its product in the most positive light.