White Label


We create, manage and drive the reputation of international tech businesses. If you work with B2B tech businesses, add PR to your services portfolio to drive additional revenue

The brands and agencies we partner with

Increase fee income for your agency by adding PR to the services you offer your clients

Drive-up revenue by incorporating PR into your existing campaigns

  • Branding

    We operate as a ‘white label’ partner, acting as ‘PR Manager’ and part of your team and business in front of your clients

  • Fees
    • Our fees are agreed in advance with your mark-up then added
    • You invoice clients for all services, we invoice you for PR fees
    • Invoicing runs monthly in arrears, allowing you to invoice your client in advance to manage cash flow

New Business

What you do

  • Make the introduction to b2b tech brands

What we do

  • Gain insights into the market / client by speaking with our media and analyst contacts
  • Brainstorm and design the PR campaign
  • Provide you with the campaign in a non-branded format
  • Pitch the campaign to your client under your brand
  • Send all media coverage, content and press to you or direct to the client on your behalf

Partner Services

A broad range of partner agencies offer our services to their own clients through a ‘white label’ agreement. We work with SEO specialists, Advertising and Marketing agencies, technology specialists and other agencies.

Business wishing to add PR to their services mix can outsource the process, adding to the depth of services they offer their clients safe in the knowledge they have an award winning team of PR specialists who will deliver campaign success for their clients under their brand.