“Designed to kick-start brand awareness ‘from scratch’ ”


We understand that as a small business you have to balance a lot of different financial commitments and sometimes it gets a bit hairy. We get it. So we don’t need a long and complicated contractual agreement that ties you in.

Expect to invest


We have never turned away a client because they don’t have big enough budgets. If your business offers an exciting opportunity and is well placed to take advantage of it we want to work with you.

UK or Pan European this is our PR ‘from scratch’ service designed to kick start brand awareness with a coverage boosting programme of activities.

From message definition and refinement, to story creation to an unswerving commitment to media relations, we know you need fast results. This action packed programme of activities focuses on hunting out opportunities from a standing start.

This programme suits high growth businesses with a laser focus on building fast momentum. We do both the ‘thinking’ behind your PR and the execution of the programme for you while you focus on building your sales pipeline and growing local teams. It’s all about attack.



“For those ready to amplify efforts & improve results”


This programme is directed and managed by a team of at least three from Jargon, we underpin our media hub activities with process and precision and add a layer of creativity to our tactics.

Expect to invest


We have an ‘always-on’ approach to this type of client, we don’t just stick religiously to what’s in the plan, we add value every step and are constantly suggesting ideas and activities to help improve results.

For the UK, and increasingly across European territories, our media hub programme works best for those businesses in a serious position to try to win categories. This service is designed to bring a layer of strategy and process to small marketing departments wanting to punch above their weight.

Message and audience definition, content planning and creation underpinned with robust outreach activities this 6-12 month programme is the ultimate in partnership between an agency and its client.

We build strong relationships within our clients often working directly with senior thought leaders within the business to create plans for content that will resonate and we track the news agenda in your space to connect our ideas to topical conversations.



“Tailored specifically to your business and your business only”


You may be at a stage in your PR journey where you have defined precisely what services you need to outsource. Or perhaps you have very specific business objectives that you need PR to help to meet and are looking for us to consult and build out a tailored plan. Or you may just have an ad hoc one off requirement for content production. We have a simple formula to create campaigns that meet nearly all types of budgets. All you have to do is choose.

No two clients are the same.

The first step in any Jargon PR relationship is to listen. To ask questions. To understand the brief. PR is not for fun, it is for a reason and we take time to understand why our clients need us before we try to define what we will do or how we will do it.

Our MD hand picks all our clients to build a portfolio that brings our small ambitious team interesting, exciting and challenging opportunities and we build campaigns for each individual business. We strive to be the best boutique agency and we know putting our clients at the heart of everything we do is the key to our own success.

What it's like to work with Jargon PR

Planned, process driven, productive. And fun.

What we do for you

  • We work independently throughout the week liaising regularly and in a timely way with our day to day contacts.

  • We meet deadlines and we manage your time and input effectively.

  • We know your press and we know how to target them.

What we do with you

  • We have a weekly call with all our clients to assess priorities on both sides.

  • We send you draft copy that meets a high standard at first pass and we take your feedback on board and act on it immediately.

  • We prepare a monthly management report and a face-to-face meeting for you.

  • We host media briefings both face to face and calls.