What is Tech PR?

Technology is a theme visible throughout all of Jargon PRs client’s. Translating technology, innovations and new developments into meaningful messages that drive sales and engagement is what our team is best at.

“Ensuring our client’s complex messages, products and market offering are properly understood is at the core of our technology campaigns. In such a fast growing and evolving space as technology, brands must be able to stand out from the crowd and effectively communicate exactly what it is they do, and use this knowledge to drive sales.”

Simon Corbett – CEO, Jargon PR

Our award winning Technology campaigns are all designed to be:


In a market that sees constant disruption and high levels of competition, being different and trying something new can help brands to stand out from the crowd. We use a mix of tactics from specialist events such as hackathons to creative research to support our client’s marketing.


Results are the ultimate indicator of campaign success, and every brand wants PR investment to make a difference to its bottom line. All of our technology campaigns are therefore focused on delivering to specific KPIs that make a difference.


The technology industry is full of complicated messages, and making sure potential customers understand these requires an intelligent approach. We specialise in making the complex simple, and the confusing engaging so customers are able to quickly and easily understand your proposition.

Our PR campaigns are designed to deliver positive results for every client’s business.

Some of our technology PR campaigns are available to view below: