What is B2C PR?

Jargon PR’s B2C team builds awareness and enhances understanding of consumer brands; from introducing a product to market to securing reviews, we place our clients’ customers at the heart of our campaigns.

The skills and contacts of the team cover a broad range of media sectors, from national press through to specialist interest magazines. With a flair for creativity, we ensure PR drives sales and traffic to client websites.

“B2C PR is all about standing out from the crowd. Consumer facing brands are often required to perform in crowded and fast paced markets influenced by evolving consumer trends. As a result, successful PR must be timely and relevant to drive sales and raise the bottom line.”

Simon Corbett – CEO, Jargon PR

Our award winning B2C campaigns are all designed to be:


Tone, style and language are all taken into full consideration when we produce consumer content. Well written content directed at specific audiences helps us to ensure engagement with content is high.


Ultimately, every brand engaging in PR wants their investment to drive sales and make a difference. All of our campaigns are focused and designed to deliver to specific KPIs.


Standing out from the crowd is essential in fast paced consumer markets. We use a mix of tactics from research through to events and stunts to achieve success.

Our PR campaigns are designed to deliver positive results for every client’s business.

Some of our B2C Campaigns are available to view below: