Daniel Brew – A perspective on the regional PR experience

As the proverb states, ‘To be born Welsh is to be born privileged’, and I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more! With the exception of three years at university most of my life has been spent in Wales; I am always ready to talk about the people and the businesses that play a part in Welsh life.

During my career in PR I’ve come to appreciate, through working with brilliant clients and colleagues located nationally and internationally, the opportunities and benefits that a regional approach offers. Crucially I recognise the value that people with local cultural awareness and knowledge bring to the table for clients who want to converse directly with their target consumers and work with a diverse range of people.

I am passionate about the regional PR experience and to find myself working for an agency that recognises this and has seized the opportunity to build a presence across the UK, including here in Wales fills me with joy.

With rapid operational changes forced on organisations as a result of the pandemic, the importance of location has significantly changed as employees look for a hybrid working experience and greater flexibility. I embody this being based in Jargon’s Cardiff office but working on behalf of businesses operating across the UK and Europe with colleagues from other Jargon offices as a unified team. From my small corner of Wales, I’ve spoken to national journalists as well as clients across the world. What’s so empowering about technology is the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time along with the ability it gives you to drive a message right to the point of maximum impact. 

It would be remiss of me to not talk about why the Welsh opportunity, in particular, is such a good one. Wales might be known for its rugged landscapes, rich cultural history and its past association with industries such as coal and steel, but its technology sector is one to watch, contributing over £8 billion annually to the UK economy. Wales currently has the fastest-growing regional economy when it comes to immersive technology, and Cardiff, the home of Jargon PR’s Welsh office, is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the UK. 

Jargon PR is headquartered near Reading and has an office in Manchester as well as here in Cardiff. We are a regionally focused business with exciting growth plans. The barn might be where Jargon PR began but the business’ wings have now spread to the regions of the UK and beyond. Working within an agency which has an active presence in multiple regions, also means that I get to work alongside colleagues who themselves possess strong local intelligence, so whether my question might be about journalists in Manchester, the latest trends in MENA or an upcoming trade show in Farnborough I can very quickly get the information from people who possess this knowledge.

As the economy continues to face turbulence, it is vitally important that opportunities in the UK’s regions are created; for people, businesses, the PR sector and the country’s economy as a whole. I am proud to work for a company that not only embraces that vision but is working to bring it to life with a passion and a real appetite to make a difference.