5,000 Trees: We have hit our target!

All of us at Jargon PR are extremely pleased (and indeed proud) to be able to announce that we have met our previously made commitment to plant 5,000 trees, before the end of December 2022, through our partnership with Ecologi.

Ecologi exists to support a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. Our donations have gone to projects and locations as diverse as wind power projects in South Africa, India and Honduras; solar power projects in Vietnam, India and Egypt; and gas to energy projects in Turkey and Thailand. The international impact of our donation is what attracted us to working with Ecologi in the first place.

In terms of the 5,000 trees what does this mean?

Well, we have directly offset over 365 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent of 906,036 miles of car journeys (or just about 2-years worth of car travel for every member of the JargonPR team) based on the average carbon footprint. An alternative way of looking at this is 1-year of the total carbon produced by every individual team-member. Either way it’s a contribution to our mutual wellbeing that we are extremely proud to have made.

We started this journey in June 2021 and committed to achieving our mission within 18-months and today is the day that we can tick the box. As a company we are committed to our shared environment and we support all efforts our clients and partners make to deliver a greener, more sustainable planet for us all.