Hannah Conway- Life at a B2B PR Agency

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Jargon PR

This is a difficult question, considering how much I love to talk about myself, so I’ll try and keep this as brief and interesting as possible..!

It’s all thanks to Bournemouth University which helped me land a placement role at Jargon PR back in 2018. As a second-year public relations undergrad, I joined the agency eager to put all I’d learned in the lecture and seminar halls into practice. Following a year filled with priceless experience, an extensive coverage portfolio and brilliant journalist relationships I headed back to complete my degree. Fast forward to the dreaded C word, it was actually down to my year in industry that Jargon welcomed me back with open arms as COVID-19 took hold in 2020.

Since then, I’m super proud to say that I’ve worked my way up the ladder and have recently been promoted to Account Manager at the agency. As part of my new role, I’m no longer just pitching for exciting press opportunities and writing engaging content for my clients, but also leading a team and steering campaign ideas. There are plenty of opportunities outside of PR at Jargon and I’ve taken an active role on the recruitment side of the business, helping to grow the team all over the country as well as new business activity that allows the company to build on our amazing portfolio of clients.

What is your favourite thing about PR?

I’m a people person for sure, so being able to work with all kinds of people from different industries, backgrounds and countries is a real win for me. I love the creativity that comes with working with lots of different people. Whether it’s a lunchtime brainstorming session or an important client meeting, it’s truly inspiring to witness and contribute to ideas that end up impacting a successful PR campaign.

What is your advice to anyone looking to develop in their PR career?

Honestly.. not to sound like a mainstream influencer, but trust the process. Especially if you’re starting out, a career in the PR industry is amazing and rewarding but it can also be stressful, demanding and overwhelming. Channel your inner SpongeBob (stay with me here) and soak up all the PR goodness that surrounds you. I’ve learned everything I know by simply observing, replicating and listening to my peers at work. At the end of the day, everyone’s started at the bottom of the pile and you have to begin somewhere! Be prepared to make mistakes (as long as you make sure to learn from them), accept criticism and work hard for your wins. But most importantly, remember to enjoy what you do – PR is not easy and be proud to be a part of this community.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Those who know me, know that it’s rare to find me ‘having a chill one tonight’. I love to keep myself busy when I’m not at the office and to being active and socialising with friends is my version of downtime. 

I moved to Reading from Dorset to be near the Hampshire office and decided to join a netball and badminton club to keep me active and make some friends. As a country bumpkin, the weekends usually comprise of some sort of countryside hike, ocean swim or a night out at the local pub! 

What is your favourite thing about working at Jargon PR?

I have two favourite things: the team and the opportunities. Firstly, the team is just the best! We have made a real effort at Jargon to create a positive working environment and it helps that everyone at the agency is genuinely lovely people. As one of the founding members of the PPC (Party Planning Committee), I do take pride in the pretty spectacular socials we’ve organised over the past few months. Karaoke, pottery painting, Dublin and most recently outside laser tag are all up there in my favourites.

Secondly, I’m very grateful for the number of opportunities available to staff at Jargon. For example, I’ve taken part in University Open Days, delivered training to juniors, am CIPR accredited and have recently jetted off to Amsterdam for broadcast trade show, IBC.

What is your favourite: top three TV shows/books/movies?


An Evening With Silk Sonic by Silk Sonic. One of my favourite things to come out of 2021 was when Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. decided to collab and release an album that is just flawless. It’s a perfect cocktail of soul, pop, funk and R&B music all in one delicious album. All is can say is that if I were an album, I’d be this one.

TV Show:

Friends. It’s been an obsession ever since I was about 10 – I remember looking forward to getting home and catching the episodes after school on E4. The series has been a steady backbone throughout my life and has gotten me through many bumps in the road, I can always count on an episode or two to brighten my mood!

Not that anyone asked, but my go-to episode has to be ‘The One with the Football’, my favourite quote is “I wish I could, but I don’t want to” and my favourite friend is (unstable) Ross – “Oh WOW!”


I’m a sucker for a musical and anytime anyone ever breaks out into song mid-sentence is my kind of person. My favourite movie is Grease (but I can’t use that because Emily has already nabbed that one), so to be different, my SECOND favourite is Pitch Perfect, not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but who doesn’t love a teen movie about an all-girls group that sings in perfect harmony with impeccably synchronised dancing routines? Aca-scuse me?!

Finally, what is your ‘PR Superpower’?

My ‘PR Superpower’ is media relations. Ever since I was a junior I loved engaging with the press. Whether it’s selling in a client’s latest news release or inviting journalists to an upcoming event, establishing and building relationships with the press is something I really enjoy.