Our Time at IBC 2022

Jargon PR recently attended IBC, an annual trade show held in Amsterdam. This was IBC’s first in-person show in nearly three years attracting over 37,000 visitors from 170 countries to the RAI Amsterdam from the 9th to the 12th of September, with 1,000 exhibitors and over 250 headline speakers. 

Packed halls, bustling event calendars, and industry-wide networking heralded the return of IBC2022. With numerous clients in the broadcast industry, it is always necessary for Jargon PR to attend these types of events, keeping well informed about the sector’s activities and in tune with changes in the industry. The event was attended by Account Director, Emily John, and Account Manager, Hannah Conway. 

IBC2022 reunited exhibitors, speakers, visitors and the whole community, engaging with each other, unlocking business opportunities, discovering the latest innovations and exploring the exciting world of content together. The IBC motto rings true — WE ARE moving forward, WE ARE here for our industry and together, WE ARE a community.

IBC2022 featured a world-class line-up of keynote speakers focused on the theme “What’s Next?” The show showcased:

  • A brand new Changemaker programme, which focused on the people side of the industry 
  • The IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme’s proof of concept demonstrations on the Innovation Stage
  • The IBC Owner thought leadership masterclasses, demos, and case studies on the Content Everywhere Stage, where global tech brands demonstrated how they are paving the way forward 

“It was great to see, feel and hear the buzz of a live IBC once more,” stated Michael Crimp, CEO of IBC. “The quality of visitors has been outstanding and there was a real sense of positivity. We are stronger together.” 


Day 1 – Using 5G to support live and virtual events

One of the most prominent overarching themes at the IBC Accelerators for 2022 was 5G. The power of 5G in remote production, takes the concept closer to the highly portable, adaptable and reliable connectivity solution it is destined to be. As well as harnessing the incredibly low latency of 5G as a more short-term use. At Jargon PR, we have already seen 5G in action for live sports production at some of the biggest events of 2022. These Accelerator initiatives aim to go even further, pushing the frontiers of what is possible with the latest generation of mobile connectivity.


Day 2 – Rise of AI in video production

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way videos are created and will continue to do so in the future. In a keynote address, Markus Gross, Chief Scientist at The Walt Disney Studios explained how rapid progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence is already disrupting many aspects of the traditional filmmaking process both for live-action and animation productions. Disney, according to Gross, wants to leverage AI and deep learning to create animated characters that are “truly art directable in real-time.” He mentioned how directors could be able to offer spoken directions to animated characters about how to walk or move. He stated that AI can currently capture motion in an uncontrolled setting using only iPhones. Disney is employing AI in video processing to improve the quality of low-resolution images.


Day 3 – Cloud is where the magic happens

Two of the IBC Accelerators 2022 projects have set out to address the issues of Cloud operations from the perspective of broadcasting. The first evaluates the potential of live event coverage on the Cloud, while the second uses the scalability and flexibility of Cloud instances to eliminate bottlenecks in localisation. The ‘Cloud-based live events, analytics, and low latency protocols’ is an amalgamation of two concepts pitched during the IBC Kickstart event.  The main goal is to present a professional live sports event with multiple camera feeds, using as much Cloud technology as feasible. The long-term objective is to design ‘point and click’ provisioning and deployment of resources to enable broadcast live events of any size or location.

IBC has always been an outstanding platform for bringing together media executives, technology, and creating a place to discuss and exchange new ideas. We cannot wait to see what IBC2023 has in store for us.