Daisy Thiroff – My Year Working in B2B PR

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Jargon PR

Taking on the role of Junior Account Executive, I joined Jargon PR in June 2021 to complete a year-long industrial placement as part of my studies at Bournemouth University. At university I study Marketing Communications and Digital Media but I’ve always been fascinated by the PR industry. So when I discovered a placement role at this fast-growing B2B PR agency, I jumped at the opportunity to try something new and develop a different set of skills. I love pushing myself to try new things so despite the challenges of finding a placement role amid the pandemic I was determined to pursue a year in industry. 

My time at Jargon has taught me that PR suits me down to the ground. As a people-person I love that my role involves communicating with a range of people everyday. From clients to journalists, building relationships is a key aspect of our job and one that is so rewarding. I am proud to support the team across a diverse range of accounts and campaigns which has led me to gain vital experience with the PR tools essential to work in this industry. 

What has been your favourite part of your placement year at Jargon PR?

My placement year at Jargon PR has opened the door for so many experiences that I could never have imagined while I was at university. I have had the privilege of working with a large portfolio of both B2B and B2C organisations within the fast-moving tech industry. Each client has helped me to learn more about a range of industries, expand my PR skills and grown my confidence immensely. 

I love that no two days at Jargon are the same. We work in a very fast-paced environment which means we are always working on new and exciting campaigns across our client base. Each client brings their own unique set of experiences which pushes you to solve new challenges to achieve the best results possible. 

What aspects of your placement have you found most challenging?

My placement at Jargon has introduced me to the working world which is very different from the university experience. I was initially apprehensive when I started my placement as it wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced before and everything was so new. However with the support of the team I was able to quickly settle into my role and start building confidence in my ability. 

It is never easy when you start in a new role but the support from every member of the Jargon PR team on both a professional and personal level has been incredible. Being part of such a considerate and hard working team has been a catalyst for my development and helped me to create a strong foundation for my future career. Despite being a placement student, Jargon PR has always made me feel like an essential part of the team and shown full confidence in me and my abilities which has given me the confidence to keep building my experience and trying new things. 

What will you miss the most about working at the agency? 

I will miss so much from my time at Jargon but without a doubt I will miss the team the most. The team at Jargon PR are such a lovely group of people who are so passionate about their clients and delivering the best results possible. I am so grateful that I have been able to work alongside and learn from such an amazing team. Throughout my placement year my colleagues at Jargon have uplifted me and given me so many fantastic opportunities to thrive within my role. Their unwavering confidence and support has allowed me to learn so much and gain so many skills. I feel that within the team I have made such genuine friendships that will last way beyond my placement year. From karaoke socials to the team trip to Dublin, whenever we all get together it’s always full of so much laughter and fun. 

I will also really miss all my lovely clients who have made my role so rewarding and taught me so much. It is truly a privilege to work alongside such accomplished professionals and become an extension of their brand or business. I have been working with some of my clients from the beginning of my placement so it has been really rewarding to develop my role alongside them and work towards achieving some brilliant results. 

What was your biggest placement accomplishment?

One of my biggest placement accomplishments has been securing top-tier coverage and review opportunities for my clients. There is no better feeling than seeing your client featured in a brilliant piece and knowing that your hard work has paid off. One of my biggest accomplishments is being awarded ‘Coverage of the Month’ three times throughout my time at Jargon as recognition of the coverage I have achieved. It is always so rewarding to achieve great results for your clients so when you know that you have helped your client to win an industry award or achieve a five star review it is such a lovely feeling.

What is your plan for the future? 

After a sunny holiday in Italy and some time off, I’ll be back at Bournemouth University to complete my degree. I’m really looking forward to being back down to the coast for another year at uni and to learn even more about the marketing and PR sector. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

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