Ben Davies- Life in a B2B PR Agency

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the B2B PR Agency

I joined Jargon as an awkward, keen-to-impress graduate in 2018 and have been working my way up since then. As a B2B account manager, I’m more responsible now for planning and strategy for my clients but I still pull my sleeves up and write and pitch. 

In a word, agency-side PR is bustling. Lots of energy, lots of activity. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why we do what we do, and why we love it. But it means one minute I’ll be planning a campaign, the next I’ll be writing a press release, pitching a story to press, pitching for new business, managing team members, proofing content, or planning training. My role is all of the above and then some.

What is your favourite thing about PR? 

I used to really pin myself in as a content writer. Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I was a part-time journalist through university and I always saw myself going down the journalism route before I sold out and chose PR. So a few years ago that would’ve been my answer. But since stepping into management I’ve really enjoyed just finding solutions. Finding creative ways to draw campaigns, consulting with clients on how we can help them reach their goals. 

This is a little sadistic, but my greatest joy comes from solving problems. If something hasn’t quite gone according to plan and we have to take a step back, think about how we can fix it and put it in motion. When it comes off successfully, that is my favourite thing about PR. There’s never only one solution to anything.

What is your advice to anyone looking to develop in their PR career?

Make mistakes and learn from them. You know what they say about making omelettes. It’s so true. No one ever learned anything from being right all the time. 

The phrase ‘this too shall pass’ has resonated with me a lot recently, too. Sadly, I first heard it from Tom Hanks in a video on TikTok. I don’t know its origin but I’ve been living by it ever since. Essentially: never get too high on achievements, never get too low on failures. It won’t always be this way, this too shall pass. Take everything one day at a time.

What do you like to do outside of work?

A small group of friends and myself really got into basketball during the pandemic. Don’t ask us to play it, but there’s no better sport to watch. I’ve always been a big football fan, but the NBA has earned its own place. It’s just a shame my beloved LA Clippers don’t tend to tip-off until 3am UK time. There have been some very late nights over the last couple of years.

What is your favourite thing about working at Jargon PR?

It’s so cliche, but the people. Every company claims to have the best culture but Jargon’s is another level. It’s a completely top-down approach and the senior team really lead by example and it feeds into the wider team.

I actually left the company during the pandemic for another role but I missed the team so much that I was back with my tail between my legs six months later. No amount of culture awards or social posts could do this place justice. It’s hard to describe, we’re a real tight-knit unit.

What is your favourite…

Album: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac. My music taste is so diverse. I can go from Pop Smoke to Pantera without batting an eyelid. There are so many albums that come close for me: Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, Blackbird by Alter Bridge and all of Avenged Sevenfold’s titles. But Rumours is so iconic. Every song could be a movie soundtrack and fit perfectly. It’s crazy how such a toxic setting could create one of the best albums ever produced.

Book: Life, Keith Richards. I’m not big on fiction, and sometimes it felt like some of the stories in Keith Richards’ autobiography were completely made up. The man was bonkers. 

I’ll admit that in a world filled with tech, I’m guilty of neglecting books a little more than I should. But I could not put this one down. I love the Rolling Stones and this was an incredible read.

Movie: Zulu. Yes, the 1964 masterclass featuring a young Michael Caine. It’s my Dad’s fault. He’s your typical proud Welshman and the Battle of Rorke’s Drift was of frequent viewing at home when I was younger. My mum likes to remind me that I’d be quoting lines from it as a 6-year-old tearing through the house. The scene when they’re all singing Men of Harlech gives me chills. Go watch it.

Finally, what is your ‘PR Superpower’?

Dani’s blog took content creation so I guess that one’s out. I’m a thinker. Give me the opportunity to sit and plan something out – I’ll give you all the details down to the last letter. I’m no Sherlock but I said before I enjoy problem solving, let’s say that’s a super power.

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