My first 6 months at Jargon PR – Tammy Morris

I’m Tammy Morris, an Account Executive at Jargon PR, and my first six months at the agency have been truly inspiring. Coming from a wide creative background as an actress, writer, photographer and working previously in social media, I have been able to hone my skills with the assistance of very friendly and helpful colleagues.

When first joining Jargon PR, I felt so welcomed. I was able to talk to everyone in the office who individually introduced me to the clients I would be working with, as well as taught me various PR tips and tricks. With consistent social initiatives and holiday celebrations, there is always an element of fun in the office too, which simply makes it a wonderful space to enter every day.

My responsibilities are varied, making each day extremely different to the last. One of the key things I do is communicate with journalists in order to pitch intriguing thought leadership pieces which present my clients as innovating thought leaders in the appropriate technological space they represent. My colleagues have shown me what it takes to make a thought-provoking pitch, and they assist me in proofreading emails to ensure all is immaculate before sending.

My range of daily tasks does not stop there, however. I am responsible for creating press releases, monitoring coverage,  arranging interview opportunities for clients, and writing engaging articles and blogs on various topics like blockchain, edtech, cloud technology and more. I love the fact that I am able to learn about a variety of things daily, as I am a believer that even after graduating from any institution – learning never stops. I have found that in my daily life, I am able to have wider communication on various subjects as now I have been equipped with expansive knowledge on things I was previously unaware of. 

One of my main enjoyments at Jargon PR is crafting social media content for some of my clients who prioritise their online presence for their businesses. I curate social content across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, crafting enthralling copy, and it has been highly rewarding when told that I have improved some of the social engagement for my clients. Having previously worked in social media, this has been an amazing opportunity to advance those skills further, and I’m excited to see what more I can do.

A highlight from working with the agency has been each time that I have secured a feature for my clients. A win for them is a win for me. Being able to build rapport with journalists who remember me, and trust that I will deliver is something that I am truly proud of.

The Jargon PR team has truly offered support to me during these six months. They are always patient with me, and I have learnt so much from everyone in the office. They have made me feel so welcomed and ensured that I had a gradual increase in responsibilities to prevent me from feeling overwhelmed when first joining – which can be daunting for new starters, and also something I think many other companies could learn from. 

With support in gaining adequate training and various opportunities for personal development, I simply cannot wait to see where my career with Jargon PR takes me.