I’m Mohit Hira, Junior Account Executive (JAE) at Jargon PR and I’ve graduated with a Masters in Public Relations Management having recently achieved a distinction from De Montfort University, Leicester. 

As a non-British employee, I always wondered about the British workplace culture and whether I’d be able to fit in. However, Jargon PR has an amazing, inclusive culture and everyone embraces and respects the diversity in practice. I’ve talked with the team about values, traditions and festivals in India and how they tend to differ from British culture. I’ve also enjoyed learning about British culture. At each level of my successes, I have been appreciated by everyone, from receiving a congratulations card following my graduation, to winning amazing vouchers for my achievement of ‘Coverage of the Month’. 

At the beginning of my career at Jargon PR, I did not have much knowledge about agency life, people at work, workload, day-to-day responsibilities, etc. The Jargon PR team made it very easy for me to get used to everything, whether I was working on a task or communicating with clients, the team has always been very supportive. The level of support I’ve been provided from the overall management has been super helpful. Jargon PR has offered me an amazing approach to line management, providing one-to-one support on any situation, as well as collective team help. The agency as whole has served as a mentor for me where I’ve learnt a range of new skills. 

At Jargon PR, I’ve been given exposure to a range of different tasks including creating a variety of content such as thought leadership articles, press releases, comment pieces, and Q&As, pitching to press, desk research, social media, and much more. The vast exposure isn’t only limited to tasks but goes beyond amongst clients from different sectors including technology, energy, advertising, telecoms, construction, automotive, crypto and healthcare. This has provided me with extensive knowledge about writing across different sectors as well as increased my confidence as a JAE. 

One of the reasons for me joining the PR industry was the rapidly evolving nature of the sector, and it’s clear that Jargon PR has followed suit as a rapidly growing agency. Everyday we get new plans to approach unique requirements of the clients that have enabled me to learn more than I thought was possible. From media buying, roundtables and analyst relations to blogs, social media, Q&As and profiling, I have assisted the team on numerous additional services that have polished my skills up. On top of that I’m really proud of working on media opportunities around trade shows. Whether it’s securing interview opportunities around Mobile World Congress (MWC) or contacting organisers of Advance Engineering UK (AEUK) directly, I’ve been given the opportunity to indulge in the trade shows related tasks and opportunities. 

In addition to content writing and media outreach, I’ve worked across client facing opportunities such as planning and reporting. From preparing a range of quarterly review reports for a number of clients, to proactively suggesting ideas for future planning, I’ve nurtured my administrative responsibilities as well as creativity which is contributing  to improving my logical and critical thinking. 

To put it in a nutshell, these first 6 months have been adventurous with lots of lessons learned, and I am thoroughly looking forward to advancing my skills to deliver the optimum results for the agency