How to Ensure PR Success in 2022

2021 was a great year for PR and we saw a number of changes, including the rapid increase in online media consumption. It is clear we are entering an exciting new time, and so it is important for companies to continue to adapt to meet the PR expectations of this new era. Jargon PR is here to help make this simple for you and your business, and we have identified the most impactful trends of 2022 that will help guide your business to PR success this year. 

The importance of CSR

One trend we will see continue in 2022, is the importance of incorporating your CSR strategy into communications activity to highlight the work that is being carried out. We are entering a period in which a strong focus towards the environment is essential for most customers. Nearly 80% of customers would be more inclined to purchase from a business which is having a positive impact on the world. This is only going to increase, with younger generations putting significantly more effort into researching a company’s CSR. As a result, companies which fail to educate their audience on their positive CSR activities will face a losing battle against competitors which are simply doing more.

Whilst making a positive impact, it is important to shout about the amazing work that your company is involved with in order to provide evidence to the consumer and educate them on the work that your company is doing. The first step of this involves creating a range of content at the start of your company’s initiative, to generate awareness of what you have planned. Additional content such as blogs, social media posts and newsletters can continue to keep your audience updated on your CSR activity and ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

Social remains on top 

The next trend will come as no surprise, but 2022 will be another important year for social media. With the continued growth of online platforms, it’s vital for social media to be a core part of communications strategy in 2022. In 2022, more than half of the Earth’s population will use social media, with an average usage time of nearly two and a half hours each day. As a result, social media is a valuable way to directly reach your target audience. 

Nowadays, consumers use social media as a primary source for gaining information about a company, so having a consistent pipeline of content will be extremely beneficial for your business. Over half of consumers who follow a brand’s social media, do so to receive updates about new products and services. In addition, social media provides an essential tool to navigate consumers to take further action, with 90% of consumers visiting a company’s website when accessible from its social media page. 

It is important to remember that the consumers who take the time to follow your company’s social media pages have a connection to your brand, and so it is vital to keep your communication with these individuals consistent, as they are likely to be most interested in the messages you share. 

Standing Out 

Creativity is everything heading into 2022, and it is important that your company works to step outside of the box this year. Before releasing a piece of content, ask yourself if it will be of value to a customer to read, as quality should be everything. The harsh truth in 2022 is that customers simply have too many options, so you need to do what you can to excite them with the content you are producing. 

One recent trend is the rise of video content, which has seen a rapid increase in recent years as they are simply more interactive, fun, and easier to consume. A whopping 85% of consumers stated that they would like to see more video content from brands. 

PR is changing, and companies are facing increasing pressure to do more to stand out. 

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