Jargon PR’s Very Merry Christmas!

PR Party!

No good party comes without a reason to celebrate, and our agency Christmas party followed a hugely successful annual company meeting, after our best year yet! The team were rightly so proud with all the work we had achieved over the past year, and so a fun, slightly messy, team celebration was definitely in order. 

Another reason to celebrate was following an announcement made by Jargon PR’s CEO, Simon Corbett, during this meeting, where the team were informed that we will receive Christmas Eve off! An extra day holiday for all the hard work over 2021.

So, what better way to kick off the Christmas party and let loose, than to hit Reading town? First stop on the trip, Veeno bar, where everyone sipped on delicious cocktails that were served using paper and pasta straws, with no plastic in sight. Clearly the staff at Veeno were aware of Jargon PR’s environmental efforts, and wanted to help contribute!  

From Veeno, it was on to Spinners for interactive darts and mini golf. It was slightly ironic that ‘Spinners’ was the destination of choice for the majority of the evening, with a few spinning heads amongst the group as drinks continued to pour. Everyone had a great time, and the games were very competitive, but fortunately the heat was settled, as team’s came together to enjoy some delicious pizza.

For our last stop on our team outing, we headed to Walkabout to keep the party going. 

Some of the team didn’t wait long before they chose to ‘walk out’ of Walkabout before jumping in a taxi to head back home.  But for others, the night was only just beginning. The DJ surprised us with a great selection of hits, from 80’s pop, noughties classics and post 2010 tunes, in a song selection that spanned the interest of Jargon PR’s demographic. We saw off the night throwing shapes on the dance floor, and several of the team members even challenged each other to a dance off – the results were inconclusive! 

But The Christmas Fun Didn’t Stop There

For the second leg of our celebrations, after having a few days of recovery from our crazy Christmas party, everyone prepared their most stylish and festive Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day! This however took some convincing for the humbugs of the team, but it was nice to see that everyone made a real effort in the end. The team arrived, dressed to the nines into an office which was beautifully decorated by Office Manager, Claire, and Senior Marketing Executive, Emma. 

Account Manager Ben, was the proud Christmas jumper winner, sporting a show stopping light up Santa and Rudolph themed design, which would have been enough to turn heads at Paris Fashion Week. 

Later that day, we finished work early to participate in everyone’s favourite part of Christmas, GIFT OPENING! The secret santa gifts were brilliant, and it was clear everyone had put a lot of thought into them, with each having a personalised touch. The unwrapping was followed by many of the team thinking they were detectives, as we all tried to figure out everyone’s mysterious secret santa. 

The team thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas celebrations at Jargon PR, and we are all excited for a few days off, before kicking off 2022 with a bang! 

If you’re looking for a new role in 2022, come and join our growing PR team! We’re recruiting for a variety of levels from Junior Account Executive to Account Manager. To apply, send your CV and cover letter to claire.elliott@jargonpr.com