Using PR to Launch Your Product/Service

When it comes to launching a new product, PR can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Many often believe that the new product/service will be able to speak for itself. However, in a competitive market, the success of your launch relies heavily on a strong and thorough PR campaign.

To assist your new launch, we have compiled a step by step guide which breaks down how you can launch your new product/service using PR.  

Announcing the news through a press release 

The starting point is to draw attention to your new product or service, which can be most effectively achieved through the use of an initial press release. A press release is the master of creating buzz and excitement, and allows for a simple and effective way of highlighting the key messages surrounding your product or service. Additionally, a high quality press release will reflect positively on your business and new launch. 

Planning is key, so it’s important to liaise with journalists ahead of time to ensure they have sufficient materials needed to create a top class release for your new product. 

It is essential you have your audience in mind throughout this process. Be critical about your plan and ask yourself questions such as: “what message would my audience be excited about?” or “how do I want my new product/service to be portrayed to my audience?”. This will ensure you are able to give your audience the message they are excited to hear, and give your brand the positive response it deserves. 

Utilise social media 

Well received PR campaigns often involve partnering a strong social media presence alongside your press release. Social media is an excellent tool to tease additional news about your product or service, and regular posts will assist in prolonging the initial buzz surrounding your launch. 

The dynamic approach that social media offers can create excitement as information can be revealed in a variety of ways such as pictures and videos. 

Social media also allows for a direct engagement with your audience, giving you the advantage of understanding what they like and what they don’t, how your product is being received, and ultimately meaning you can identify key areas for improvement. 

Media briefings

Media briefings are perfect for giving journalists the full picture of your product or service, ensuring that when they do create stories, it captures every detail you want it to. Interviews with key spokespeople at a company can help to bring the announcement to life, whilst raising the profile of other aspects of a business. 

Media briefings offer an opportunity to sell your product beyond just its features, meaning you can discuss the wider industry benefits and create a more powerful story. 

Keep in contact with journalists

Maintaining consistent contact with journalists is extremely beneficial in ensuring a strong relationship, which will allow your business to use their outlet as a way of communicating with your customer. This is a great tool for reminding potential customers why what you are offering is important to them. Remember, not everyone purchases at launch, so keeping momentum is essential in attracting the customers that like to wait a bit. 

Maintaining contact with the press also allows you to inform your customers on any news or updates relating to their product or service that they should know about.

What have we learned?

It may seem like once you have launched your product or service your hard work is complete, however this is far from the truth. It is essential that you think of your launch date as the starting point, your road to success is only just beginning. Maintaining momentum brings longevity to the launch which ultimately prolongs excitement around your new offering. 

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