What do we love about working in PR?

From a love of content, to no day being the same, there’s lots to enjoy about working in the PR industry. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve been asking our team what they love about working in PR.

“Honestly… I’m a people person and in PR, 90% of what I’m doing is communicating. Whether that’s to my colleagues, clients, or journalists. I love this part- getting to speak to lots of people every day really taps into my extroverted personality making it a whole lot of joy. “

Hannah Conway, Account Executive

“Out of all the things I love about the PR industry, I’d have to say my favourite is that no two days are the same. One day you could be selling-in an exciting global story and the next you are on the ground at an event helping your clients to get their brand new products into the hands of the media (wow, I miss trade shows!). It keeps it fresh and interesting and best of all, you meet so many amazing and inspiring people along the way!”

Dani White, Senior Account Manager

“I love working in PR because I love writing – I love being able to use my imagination in a thought leadership piece and immersing myself in the content. I also love being organised, and as a PR professional this is perfectly suited, with list-making, folders, to-do lists, it really suits me! I love working with such a close-knit team, and all contributing to a piece is really nice to see, both getting good results/coverage but also our team coming together on something.

Dan Cooper, Account Executive

I love working in PR as it allows you to meet different people and make new contacts. Networking is a great way to learn more about a variety of industries and build professional relationships. Trust is a big part of PR and to be able to form positive relationships with your clients and colleagues will lead to a successful campaign.

Lily Fox, Account Executive

My passion for PR stemmed from a long term love of writing. I really enjoy getting to know a client’s business, finding creative ways to get them in the press and never knowing what I’ll be writing about next. It incorporates all my strengths and interests while pushing me every day, which is why I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Julia Fitzgerald, Account Manager

Working in PR presents you with the opportunity to see a campaign or task through from beginning to end. I love the feeling of producing a thought leadership article that has been requested by the client, and working on the process of pitching and placing your piece of writing to finally see it appear in the press. This creates a great feeling of fulfillment for both you and the client.

Josie Doyle, Junior Account Executive

The PR industry is fast-paced, energetic and exciting, meaning that no two days are the same. Working in PR means that I have been able to gain experience in a number of different areas and work across a huge variety of clients in the technology and B2B space. With this also comes the opportunity to be creative, build relationships with journalists and learn more about PR tactics.”

Emily John, Account Manager

You meet so many interesting people – you also have the chance to be the catalyst for something big, whether it’s a campaign that insights change or announcing the change itself.

Charlotte Sherwood, Account Executive

Meeting new people! I love being able to meet new people, network, and talk about new things or areas where they are an expert, so PR is the ideal industry. I also love writing and getting creative with ideas and outside-the-box thinking, so PR ticks every one of those boxes too!

Luke Smith, Account Executive

I love working with innovative, disruptor brands with limited or little PR experience before they come to us. This means that we essentially get to be there from the very start – helping them shape their messaging, define their objectives, and plan and executive a campaign from scratch. It’s also really rewarding when you take a step back a year or so later and realise how far you’ve come and how happy the client is with the results you’ve generated. It’s a great reminder that PR isn’t just for the big brands.

Kevin Winfield, Account Director

What I love about working in PR is getting the client the results they want. This differs for every client so whether it’s coverage, interviews or awards, delivering the results that clients come to us for is second to none!

Megan Eakin, Senior Account Executive

“The thing I love most about PR is the sense of unity and camaraderie that I get from working with a talented, energetic team on an account. Some of my fondest memories of working in PR stem from hosting an international press conference or running a press office at a trade show with colleagues I trust and can rely on.”

Michael Grass, Account Director

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