The Power of Podcasts: Engaging a B2B audience

Podcasts have been around since the 1980s, known more commonly as “audioblogs” yet have gained significant traction in recent years as the rise and evolution of online and audio technology has made them much more accessible. Slowly but surely, the popularity of podcasts have risen. With millions of users listening to podcasts, on various social platforms, it is apparent that podcasts are undeniably an influential form of communication. So why wouldn’t  businesses want to incorporate podcasts into their business marketing model? In doing so, companies can capitalise on the revolutionary virtual movement.

A new way to reach audiences

The podcast is revolutionary due to its take on the traditional format to engage listeners; who  may eventually become potential customers, who will take an interest in the services that your  business offers. Taking into consideration, that individuals will want to access a platform that is easy and flexible, while they are on the move, podcasts are the optimal way  of communicating entertainment, news, politics, etc. as well as having a wider reach for those using different technologies. 

Podcasts are also the missing link in the chain of social media campaigning. They are ideal for the people who don’t have the time to sit and watch a video or read a full article, but want to take in information – possibly about your business –  while they are on the go.

Maybe your company is thinking about starting fresh on a new social platform, to create new and innovative content; launching a podcast channel is the perfect way to enter a new marketing space. On the other hand, podcasts can also provide businesses with the opportunity to repurpose content that they have already created. By turning their articles, interviews, blogs etc. into podcasts, making it more accessible to the public, and drawing attention to the other social content that your business has to offer that your audience may not have seen otherwise;raising awareness for your company profile. 

Establishing expertise

As a result of the pandemic, companies were forced to make significant  changes to their business models. Launching podcasts is a great way to make that first step, integrating digital tactics into your typical PR activity. Podcasting allows your businesses to deliver content and key messages to your audience, while maintaining a safe distance. This will make potential clients and employees have a better understanding of your business personality, in turn creating a personal connection with them from afar. 

Jargon PR is a great example of the benefits podcasts can have for a business, with the team already producing our second series of podcasts. Podcasts have allowed Jargon PR to reiterate the business profile, publicise the services we offer, and provide a personal insight to the experiences and expertise of the team, giving their customers and clients confidence in Jargon PR’s capabilities, all from our office space. We can say with confidence that podcasts are the way forward, for this new way of life.

Jargon PR also works with a number of our clients to plan and develop engaging discussion themes for podcast series. We support businesses in communicating key messages, podcast scheduling and liaising with podcast guests. Our podcast producer will then edit and publish podcasts to go live Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Check out The Jargon PR Podcast channel here.