Three takeaways from DMEXCO @ Home 2020

We’ve missed a good trade show here at Jargon HQ, which is why we were thrilled to see that DMEXCO was still going ahead this year – albeit in a virtual format! Of course there’s lots of talk about the importance of building connections in-person, the buzzing atmosphere from the crowd when attending talks, and not to mention the many social opportunities when the evenings roll in. That being said, there was something quite nice about tuning in from the comfort of our homes and being able to click from meeting to meeting, instead of navigating our way between halls and through the crowds (with some very tired legs by the final day!)

This year’s DMEXCO brought over 20,000 attendees, 800 speakers, and some 250 exhibitors together on the virtual platform. There was lots of talk about what the future of marketing and ad tech will look like. This came as no surprise due to the incredible transformation the industry has seen this year as many brands were forced to get creative in a time of limited physical interaction. 

We also enjoyed hearing about a number of other key themes, with ‘attitude matters’ being the main topic of this year’s event. TikTok also dominated the virtual stage, as did the importance of other social media platforms in what is – dare we say it – the ‘new normal’.

The attitude of the industry

In one of the first talks of the virtual event, Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP kicked off the theme of ‘Attitude Matters’, and discussed how business values are the key differentiator in competitive markets. Tillman explained how, not only do these set us apart from others, they can also be an important component in connecting us with customers and partners.

In agreement with Tillman, Alexander Birken, CEO at Otto Group, told us just why ‘attitude matters’ and gave an insightful talk about the importance for businesses becoming value-driven, as a key part of driving success going forward.

The discussions around attitude and values at this year’s event has given companies a lot of food for thought. It is clear that more progression is needed with regards to the development of values – something that the industry will focus on, not just over the next 12 months, but in the long term.

TikTok is here to stay

TikTok launched only a few years ago, but has gathered pace like no other. It was extremely impressive to see that it dominated a number of talks at this year’s event. Its presence at DMEXCO just shows us how quickly the platform has become integrated into communication strategies far and wide.

In Thomas Wlazik’s talk, Managing Director of Global Business Solutions DE, he told us:

“When you act like to TikToker, you can be discovered like a TikToker”

This statement really resonated with us, as TikTok’s 100 million monthly users are regularly discovering individuals and launching them to fame.  So who’s to say  this success can’t be  replicated by brands themselves, if carried out correctly?

Despite the many conversations about the platform, the possibility of the B2B industry adopting TikTok was relatively unexplored. For now, this could be a while off, but as we have seen with other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, the potential for B2B companies may well soon be unlocked and open up a whole host of opportunities.

Influencing with influencers

Social media has been a powerhouse of brand awareness and community building over the last few years. With the pandemic fueling the importance of digital more than ever before, we’ve seen just how important these platforms are for connecting with audiences. Throughout the show, influencer marketing also emerged as a key topic within the realm of social media.

The growth of influencer marketing is in no way slowing. Jan Homann, CEO & Founder at eqolot, predicted that the industry could scale from $8 billion to $25 billion in the next five years alone, whilst many others took to the stage to provide their advice on maximising the opportunities presented by influencer marketing. Amidst the many sessions and viewpoints, one key takeaway became clear; for B2C and B2B companies looking to adopt influencer marketing, working with influencers who align with their own values is a priority.

It’s clear that for a good while yet, the industry will still be navigating its way around the implications of this year’s pandemic and the new standard of digital experience audiences now come to expect. However, this isn’t without its opportunities. With authenticity a key driver of consumer loyalty, many businesses will need to consider the importance of their attitudes and values going forward, as well as how they can bring deeper social media engagement to the forefront of their communications strategy.

Thank you to DMEXCO for bringing such a fantastic event to our homes this year!

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