The Jargon PR Podcast – Going Global: PR in International Markets

When it comes to launching your PR activity in a new country, it’s not just a matter of replicating the success in your current market. There are lots that businesses need to consider in order to maximise your investment. Of course, there are the obvious differences such as language, however, when we delve further into the ins and outs of PR, professionals need to be aware of the media consumption of a market, how they perceive messages, the way in which to speak to journalists, and much more.

Research is key when setting out PR activity in a new region. Different markets have different priorities, which mean their decision-making process can, at times, vary entirely from the next market. As a result, consumers expect to not only see certain content, but can be influenced by a message more if it contains simple aspects such as research or a quote from a spokesperson, it all depends on the market.

In this episode of The Jargon PR Podcast, Ben Davies, Account Executive at Jargon PR, discusses why companies should have a PR presence in different markets. He then goes on to explore the common challenges that many experience when first launching PR in a new country, including language barriers and time zones.

Ben will also go on to discuss his top tips when going global and Jargon PR’s experience in running international campaigns both for UK-headquartered clients and for internationally-based clients.

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