The Jargon PR Podcast – Becoming an award-winning business

Winning, or becoming a finalist in an award, establishes a huge amount of credibility for businesses. It recognises achievements, whether this is successful work with a customer or impressive business growth, and boosts a company’s reputation. Not to mention, it sets a business aside from competitors. What’s more, success in an award celebrates a team’s hard work and is great for team morale and recruitment.

There is a variety of awards that can celebrate the success of a business. For example, campaign awards showcase work carried out in-house or by an agency such as ‘Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year’. Other awards such as business awards recognise the recent achievements of a company, its success over the last 12 months and its growth.

In this episode, Emma Sausman, Junior Account Executive at Jargon PR discusses the awards process and top tips on how businesses can optimise their award entries to increase their chances of success.

Emma also explores how focusing on the results can ensure your entry stands out to the judges, and how Jargon PR works closely with clients throughout the entire awards process to make sure their entry has a competitive edge.

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