Complimentary services & support for you

Dear reader,

I hope you and your team and family are continuing to all stay safe and well.

I wanted to contact you and let you know about some insight into the trends we have seen in the past week.

  • Parts of China reopened last week, a Hermes store sold $2.7M in their first day after reopening. The highest single-day of takings for a boutique in China on record.
  • Global Web Index shows a 44% increase in social media usage in the UK, this is expected to continue and increase after the lockdown ends.
  • Many commentators are saying ‘every day’ is Black Friday – Purchases in many b2b & b2c categories are up but average order values are down due to discounting.

We believe demand will reignite in approximately three weeks’ time and are offering a number of complimentary services to help you accelerate quickly.

  • Company Podcast – connect, educate & engage
    • Recorded remotely, these are an educational and engaging way of informing and communicating with your audience, whether for internal comms or to position your company as thought leaders to the market. We are offering the planning and management of all podcasts free-of-charge.
  • Content – words worth reading
    • Media requests for insightful thought leadership content have rocketed. Media wants to hear from business leaders about how they handle this situation and what will come next as things begin to return to normal. We are offering our content planning service free-of-charge.
  • – unique profiling & content opportunity
    • We have a unique partnership with whereby we can plan, draft and place 10x articles per year onto your own branded area. This offers guaranteed results and backlinks. 

Communication during this time is a unique challenge that demands tactfulness and speed. My team and I are here to help in every way we can. If you have 5 mins, it would be a pleasure to catch up.

Warmest wishes.