The Jargon PR Podcast – Building and maintaining positive press relationships

Building relationships with the press is one of the most fundamental factors that goes into a successful PR campaign. Without these in place, there is no platform to communicate a client’s message to its audience and potential investors. However, press relationships can take time and effort to build. And it is the job of a PR consultant to organically form these relations for existing and future clients. 

Press releases, thought leadership articles, case studies and briefings are all hosted through relevant industry publications as a way to streamline communications with a company’s audiences. This is where they turn to PR for guidance, support and to take advantage of their impressive media relations.

In the latest episode of The Jargon PR Podcast, Katie Ward, Account Executive at Jargon PR, reveals how to build and maintain positive and secure relationships with the press, as well as how to restore relationships when they rarely breakdown. 

Katie will also explain the importance of getting to know the press and how this will further help filtering and selecting which content to approach them with. With this skill mastered, both the press and client are kept satisfied. 

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