The Jargon PR Podcast – How PR fits into your business

As a business, finding your feet within a crowded industry can be challenging to establish. Building subsequent credibility that can catch the attention of your stakeholders requires a certain level of brand recognition and management, which can take a significant amount of time and knowledge to master. But, this is where PR can really fit into your business.

There is no singular reason as to why a business acquires PR, multiple aspects can go into this. Usually, a client will seek support with external comms and media relations, stakeholder relations, social media, crisis management and ultimately brand management. Essentially, it is a corporate function that crafts a client’s message to its intended audience. 

In the latest episode of The Jargon PR Podcast, Emily John, Account Manager at Jargon PR, discusses how PR can fit into your business through working alongside existing internal efforts to maximise brand recognition. 

Emily will also explain the active role of a tailored PR solution within a business and how being positioned as brand ambassadors, with branding at the core of all strategies will enable businesses to stand out within its competitive market. 

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