The Jargon PR Podcast – How to maximise your PR activity at trade shows

Trade shows, such as CES and Mobile World Congress, are a gathering of industry experts and press all in the same place and are an important activity for a business. Nowadays, no matter how niche a company is, there is often a whole host of trade shows that are in its industry.

When attending such shows, businesses typically set goals to achieve a certain number of sales leads, increase brand awareness and create valuable new business relationships. However, an aspect which can often be overlooked is how PR can fit into this activity and ensure businesses maximise their activity at trade shows.

In the latest episode of The Jargon PR Podcast, Kevin Winfield, Senior Account Manager at Jargon PR, discusses just how PR activity can help businesses attending trade shows reach their goals through the likes of face-to-face briefings with key media and announcing news to generate exposure of the business. 

Kevin then goes on to explore each aspect and how companies can best implement each tactic at a show and also explains how Jargon PR supports its clients at trade shows and reflects on previous trade shows that the agency has attended.

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