DMEXCO: Tips From Simon Corbett

DMEXCO is is just around the corner and with 40,000 visitors, things can get a bit hectic. In order to make things easier for you, here are three things you need to know, from Jargon PR Managing Director, Simon Corbett.

1) Arrive on Tuesday Afternoon

DMEXCO is a two-day show, but you need to get there on the Tuesday afternoon as you will want time to settle and in the evening there are some fantastic parties! Wednesday is the main day of the show, so you don’t want to be rushing to get there or arriving late.

2) Set all your press meetings for day one

Fewer press tend to attend on the second day, therefore you want to have prepared and researched your media engagement to secure as many meetings as possible for day one.

PRO TIP : Tweeting your stand is not enough. Connect and schedule press meetings early

3) Bring diverse staff

Diversity is key at DMEXCO. There are hundreds of ad tech companies competing for the media’s attention. Companies often make the mistake of only taking their sales team when attending events. Whilst sales staff are essential for building valuable B2B partnerships, only having these staff will limit the diversity in expertise and opinion available to your team. With so many big themes and discussion topics active at the show, bringing a greater variety of your people will enable you to provide a greater mix of expertise and access to a broader range of debates and discussion.

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