Unleash The Power Of PR At DMEXCO 2018

When you visit a large expo like DMEXCO, you’ll be aware (or made to be aware by the budget holder in your team!) of the importance of making the most of your time and often significant investment in the event.  

From bringing your sector knowledge right up to date, to networking with purpose and focus,  to socialising at the Wednesday night party. DMEXCO provides a fully immersive experience. It also provides opportunity that many attendees fail to take advantage of.

A robust PR strategy surrounding the event can help you take advantage of the annual consolidation of industry experts, partners, prospects, influencers, thought leaders and even competitors at the show.

Jargon & DMEXCO 2018
It’s All In The Timing

With over 44,000 people attending last year, the expo naturally attracts a lot of press and media.

Effective, and most importantly early planning for PR is essential.  Many businesses simply leave it too late to put anything robust in place and if you start a few days ahead of the event and expect one press release to make an impact, you will almost certainly be disappointed.

Our experience tells us that by engaging before (at least 6 weeks ahead of the show), during and after the event (allow 2 weeks for follow up), your return on PR investment is almost guaranteed to increase.

Have Something To Say

Another common mistake is to issue a press release that simply states that you are exhibiting and where you can be found. While you may argue that this information is crucial, our counter argument is that is not a story.  Practical facts come later. The real story lies in your news. Literally, what’s new. Punchy, compelling, informative first. Follow up with the hall and stand number later.

And it’s not just the news.  One press release really only marks one moment in time. Jargon PR uses a range of tactical activity to build campaigns and content bundles around events.  We develop in depth white papers, we create case studies to showcase your customer success, we draft thought leadership articles that tune in to the issues your prospects are fretting about. This content is reusable and recyclable across other social platforms too, to provide an integrated approach. Activity and interest on these platform around industry events always lights up, preparing content early to post can be really effective.


Outsourcing content generation and media relations to a specialist agency to focus on while you prepare for the show in other ways can bring an element of reassurance and piece of mind to the whole process.

This year Jargon PR is offering a specialist 12 week event programme, specifically designed to support businesses attending DMEXCO, looking to maximise ROI.  We’ve staged the programme building in plenty of time for the all important planning.

It’s not actually a new programme, we’ve been supporting tech clients at events for nearly a decade, but we realised not everyone takes the same approach and it’s really our planning stage that sets us, and therefore you, apart.

If you’re looking to use PR to help you reach your audience with a clear and direct message, send us an email on hello@jargonpr.com or call us on 0118 973 9370.
We also have a short blog to make sure you’re prepared for DMEXCO on September 12th.