DMEXCO – A beginners guide


DMEXCO 2018 is just around the corner. This will mark our fifth time going to the largest international exposition and conference for the ad:tech industry. Over the years we’ve gained some tricks to make sure we always make the most of the two days. If this is your first time, things can be overwhelming and even if you’ve been before, we’ve got 5 tips to help you do DMEXCO like a pro.

Have Clear Goals & Objectives

Everything will happen quickly. If you don’t take charge of your schedule and plan, you’ll be lost in the DMEXCO sea. So, know who’s speaking, where and when you have meetings.

Book Everything In Advance

DMEXCO is only a two-day event, so planning is paramount. Follow, connect, tweet, email and set meetings well in advance. If you’re exhibiting and are looking to really amplify your presence get in contact with us about our 12-week DMEXCO PR programme, and we’ll help make you stand out from the competition.

Pro Tip: Let Jargon PR help you generate meetings with key ad:tech journalists and analysts.

Stay As Close As Possible To The Expo

Networking, dinners & parties will take place at, or close, to the venue and you don’t want to be far from a chance meeting with the people you want to speak to. Try and book flights, tickets and accommodation as quickly as possible as prices will go up.

Pro Tip: Use sites like AirBnB if hotels are fully booked.

Have Something To Say

You didn’t spend all this time and effort to come to DMEXCO to be on your phone or laptop. Network, engage and participate. News announcements, partnerships and case studies are great ways to create stories and increase awareness of your brand, demonstrating expertise in your particular space.

Pro Tip: Work with your PR team to prepare stories and content.

Have Fun

The party is a DMEXCO staple. It’s the perfect way to meet new people before the expo and drum up some excitement for your exhibit. Enjoy yourself and have a good time. As with most things, make sure you are ready and prepared for the next business day.

Pro Tip: Have a meetings doc prepared for peace of mind.
If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be ahead of the curve and enjoy your time at DMEXCO. If you’re looking to also generate media coverage, increase interest and awareness in the build up to the show we offer a 12-week accelerator PR programme that can do just that. Call us on 0118 973 9370 or email to see how we can help you kick start your DMEXCO plans.
If you’re looking for tips, our MD Simon Corbett have a couple in a short video
If you’re looking to stand out, then find out how to unleash the power of PR at DMEXCO 2018