Born in a barn

Jargon PR hosted its inaugural Hen Party just before Easter for one of our lovely team getting married next week.  The party ended up back at the office, the result of which is that the next day the cleaner thought our beautiful office in the barn had been burgled.  I think that’s probably enough detail!!

The stories of that party and it’s long list of ‘moments’ will be part of Jargon history forever, the office cleaner may never recover and the decision to have another one as soon as possible is absolutely unanimous.  And it has also made me think how astonishingly lucky we all are to work and play together here in Hampshire.

I started to reflect on the factors that contribute to the feeling of family that runs through our agency. I have concluded that a major contributing factor is that the team here all ‘live locally’ which I have noticed creates an entirely different ‘office vibe’ and culture compared to other larger and/ or London based agencies I have worked at in the past.  

You can read numerous blogs and articles on the benefits of living and working ‘outside of London’ which are all true too, namely: more money in your pocket not spent on commuting fares; more time back as the commute is less and hours generally shorter at ‘regional’ offices; more opportunity to work with senior members of the team and therefore have direct input in to ideas that will actually help make a difference to the future of the agency and therefore your own career prospects, etc, etc.

But what you don’t often read about is the connection between the people that work in ‘out of town’ locations.  As a team here in Hampshire we often chat and gossip about people, places, events, experiences that we have in common not just through our work lives, but also in our home lives.  Because we don’t have far to travel we car share, pick each other up, drop each other home, split cab fares (that are peanuts, not lottery numbers), we have a natural tendency to ‘stay local’ when we do go out, so it happens regularly, most people go, it’s often a bit ad hoc without planning or agenda, which we all know are the best nights.

So if you or anyone you know is Hampshire based, fed up with a long commute to London or Reading, have high travel costs or are starting to hate being a small cog in a big wheel then we might be the team you can really connect with on all levels and the agency that can provide you with opportunities to grow and develop.  So please get in touch.