Three Tips on how to develop clear messaging

Developing clear and simple messages is critical to PR. Saying the right things to the right audience sets positive foundations on which to build a brand and drive engagement.

Here at Jargon we host messaging workshops to help engage executive teams, and through a series of exercises aim to develop a unique narrative along with the proof points to back it up. The result is a well positioned technology brand for the market. Here are our tips on how to develop clear messaging:

Support the Positives

Messages should counter the negatives and support the positives. Start by examining precisely what your customers think about you, good and bad, and use these to your advantage to take your organisation forwards.

Be clear and concise

Nobody wants to hear a long sales pitch, you need to be direct and get straight to the point. Failing to communicate effectively can result in mixed messages. Develop an overarching message that can elaborated on if need be. Messages should also be supported with evidence, we always encourage clients to use proof points to back up what they’re saying.

Easy to understand

Messages must be easy to understand. Our number one rule at Jargon is could a ten year old understand what we’ve produced? If the answer is no, we keep working!

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