What is the point of thought leadership?

Thought leadership is a key tactic used in PR and marketing to drive brand recognition and position a company or individual as a forward-thinking, authoritative figure within their industry. Potential clients and competitors see thought leaders as trustworthy and credible industry experts who regularly deliver insights on current and future trends within their field.

Becoming a thought leader within an industry can be achieved in a number of different ways. These include, publishing articles, carrying out research and engaging in debates and roundtable discussions. The strategic visibility generated can be used as a tactical way to differentiate a company in the market, making them stand out from competitors and increase demand for their products or service offerings.

Thought leadership can build a company’s reputation, allowing them to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of their sector. However, businesses should avoid temptations to comment on every topic related to their industry. An effective thought leader typically focuses on a few topics that they specialise in, allowing them to showcase their expertise and provide audiences with a deeper level of detail and knowledge on these.  

Here are our three top tips for becoming a successful thought leader:

  1. Stay on top of what’s happening within your industry
  2. Focus on a handful of topics and trends your business specialise in
  3. Showcase thought leadership within relevant publications in order to appeal to target audiences

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