What is news hijacking?

News Hijacking is taking a news story and using it for your benefit. It can take different formats, but typically will involve an individual spotting a breaking news story, such as a company announcement or piece of research, and then using it for their own gain by providing reporters with a relevant comment on their opinion.

Comments are used regularly by journalists to give essential colour and background to articles. Being a part of these comments can be extremely valuable for driving brand recognition and demonstrating awareness and expertise within target media.

News Hijacking can build a company’s reputation by allowing them to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of trends within their sector; showcasing these within relevant publications and news stories to appeal to new prospects and target audiences.  

Here are our 3 top tips for a successful news hijack:

  1. Get your comments out as soon as a story breaks
  2. Keep comments brief and on topic
  3. Don’t comment on topics you don’t know about

For more information and tips on successful news hijacking, check out our blog here.
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