How to make the most of PR at Dmexco 2016

As the marketing industry looks forward to Dmexco in September, Jargon PR MD Simon Corbett explains how companies can make the most of the two day conference.

Every year Dmexco plays host to the biggest names and trendsetters in the digital marketing industry. This central hub attracts more than 50,000 visitors, 400 industry speakers and 950 exhibitors, making it Europe’s largest digital marketing conference. The high value of Dmexco to so many within the industry highlights the necessity to make the most of your two days there.
Too many, however, fail to maximise on their time at the show. This is the event where marketers come to meet, discuss, and experience the new disruptive trends, defining the business potential of tomorrow. Dmexco is a great platform to build your company’s profile, drive brand recognition and engage with key influencers like press and industry analysts. So here are my tips I give to clients on how to make the most of your PR at Dmexco this year:

Have something to say
Dmexco is an event where anyone who has something to say about the industry is allowed to present themselves professionally. So if you have an important announcement about something exciting or new within your company, save it, and make it here. Sharing an announcement at an event like this helps create a buzz around your stand and will increase the number of visitors you receive. Utilising announcements, partnerships and case studies here is a great way to increase awareness of your brand and demonstrate expertise, which will ultimately raise your company’s profile both in the media at the event and outside it too.

Position yourself as a thought leader
As I said before, events like Dmexco host the biggest names and trendsetters in the digital marketing industry. These people are demonstrating what the future of digital marketing will consist of, what challenges businesses will face, and how these challenges can be overcome. A great way to drive brand recognition and positive perception is to position your company as a thought leader within the industry. Offer potential customers your advice, education and expertise. An easy way to do this is to carry out a piece of research and release it at the event to drive a debate. This will make the research and your company a key talking point at the conference.

Engage with the Press
You can also build your company’s profile by engaging with the media and press at the event. Their role here is to provide the outsider with insights into the debates and discussion that occur at the show. So a good way to maximise your company’s chances of inclusion within this relevant media is to build relationships with key journalists. Engaging in discussions with both the press and people attending the event will require a diversity of opinion and information. To make you stand out I would suggest not only just bringing your sales team but also bringing people from all different parts of the business. This will allow you to provide a larger mix of expertise to the event and will enable you to broaden and engage in more debates with the press and visitors you are interacting with.

In short, when attending an event the size of Dmexco, it’s vital that you utilise your time and get your voice heard. This can be difficult due to the sheer numbers the event attracts and the limitation of two days to do this. Companies often value getting their voice across as a second priority. However, an event like Dmexco provides you with the opportunity to engage with influencers from your field, build your reputation and grow potential future sales through PR and the opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.

Simon Corbett is MD of tech PR agency Jargon PR. The agency has managed campaigns at Dmexco for over 5 years, helping numerous digital marketing companies stand out from the crowd by driving awareness and as a result sales.