My year at Jargon PR

JAE and placement student Kerry Evans sums up a great year with Jargon PR

When my second year at Reading University rolled around I had to decide whether I wanted to carry out a placement year or continue on with my degree. Safe to say I’m very glad I chose to apply for, and fortunately secured, a year with the team at Jargon PR!

With just under six weeks left of my time here at Jargon PR, looking back, my year has really flown by. I have learnt a great deal from the team I’ve worked alongside and have had a great first experience in the world of PR. There are a number of reasons why I have loved my time at Jargon and why I would highly recommend a year with them, I have included just a few below:

1. Small agency benefits

Working for a small agency, I have been handed a lot of responsibility and even more opportunity to prove that I can be an instrumental member of the team. From arranging media tours for international clients here in the UK to securing top tier coverage on a number of accounts. Gaining such a diverse skill set and this much experience before graduating is second to none.

2. Exposure to the industry

With no previous PR experience, starting this role was very exciting and very different to my university life. Working in the industry for a year before returning to my final year of study has let me ‘test drive’ my career. I now know the type of work I enjoy or prefer and have come to realise where my strengths and weaknesses lie.
This year has definitely given me a clearer idea of the career path I want to follow along with a great deal of exposure to an industry that I can definitely see a future for myself.

3. Skills learnt

I have developed and built on skills that will greatly help me if I choose to enter the world of PR but will also benefit me when I return to my studies. From learning to use multiple PR databases, targeting and pitching to journalists, arranging media tours and interviews, drafting press announcements and communicating clients’ key messages within the press. The skills I’ve acquired have further built my confidence and will increase my employability for the future.

4. Role model support

In my role as Junior Account Executive at Jargon PR I have always had a great amount of support from all members of the team. It is really motivating working in a team where everyone is a role model, my Account Manager Kevin in particular. His guidance and management on the accounts we’ve worked on has been paramount in my learning and progress this year. Working alongside the entire team, I have been able to see and understand what it has taken for them to get where they are, which drives me to achieve the best results I can.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year at Jargon and appreciate the opportunity to experience first hand how the industry works. Weekly catch ups, quarterly meetings, regular team socials and our Christmas and Summer parties have enriched my time here and the whole experience is really one to remember!