Jargon Summer Party

By Lilian Smit

At Jargon, being in the London office only has one drawback: not getting to see our beautiful colleagues based in Hampshire on a daily basis! Many a message is pinged back and forth, a longing phone call is made “how are you” “yeah alright, weather’s nice”. Niceties which, of course, mask the real pain we feel at not being sat next to them every day.

This is why once a year, the team will jump on a train down to Hook to visit our PR counterparts down in the, aptly named, barn, for a day of fun filled activities, drinks and the all important team bonding.

Bleary eyed from our early start, and unused to all the fresh air, we arrived to a celebration of  Account Manager Tom’s recent birthday, followed by a team meeting to catch up on all the exciting things happening in the company.

Jargon baby alert! Our fab PA and new mum Jen brought in her new bundle of joy Daisy for a cuddle. Daisy is absolutely gorgeous and Jen looked great (and only slightly sleep deprived), we’re already confident she’ll be a great mum.

The Jargon team relishes a challenge so after a quick lunch we packed up our stuff and headed to Quays Wake and Ski to try our hand at extreme watersports. The wetsuits slightly redefined the term ‘casual friday’ but if I say so myself we all looked rather fetching in Lycra.

After a quick bit of training, Tom – suffering slightly from the birthday festivities the night before – bravely agreed to get on the wakeboard first. He managed a couple of laps but soon had to make his way back to shore to rest his head.

Some of us were better than others, and I’m sure with a little more practice we would have been performing flips and kicks with the rest of the pros, but in typical English fashion the heavens opened and we all got a bit cold.

After a much needed hot shower, it was time for a superb waterside BBQ cooked to perfection by our MD Simon, and a few drinks. I don’t know about the rest of the guys but my head was definitely a bit fuzzy the next day. Thanks team Jargon for a great day – Only 182 days until the Christmas Party!