Jargon PR’s Tech Predictions for 2015

Sam get’s excited about the new year. . . 

With every journalist and their intern filling our minds with a mix of technology gift guides and predictions on the tech trends for 2015, here at Jargon HQ we wanted to get involved.

Here are our top three tech trends for 2015:


Wearable Tech

Last year everyone was getting excited about wearable tech, largely a result of the buzz surrounding Google Glass and mobile phone manufacturers dropping hints about watches. As Christmas approaches, we have been closely following some of the trends in the media and all of our journalist friends keep telling us that wearable tech should be big in 2015. With the much anticipated Apple iWatch due out in the Spring, some experts are suggesting that 2015 could be a make or break year for wearable tech. With Google Glass not at the forefront of peoples minds at the moment, if Apple can’t break the market with their iWatch, who else can?


IO who?

At Jargon we are particularly excited about the Internet of Things (IoT), especially in our retail technology team. Smart and connected machines could not only revolutionise the home, but from a B2B perspective, imagine what they could do to our shopping experience? When Apple launched the iPhone 6 they introduced the App ‘Health’, allowing users to track things like their eating habits and exercise regimes. Imagine then if you went into a fitness store and your phone led you straight to products suitable for your exercise regime? Realistically though, this experience is not far away. The IoT is not just about hooking your washing machine or central heating system up to your Wifi, it is about real benefits, and this could start as simply as tying data on your phone into other experiences.



IT Security has been a hot issue in the back end of 2014. Cybercriminals have revealed the “back end’s” of celebrities, and in December Sony Pictures suffered some major data breaches. Looking forward to 2015 a lot of technology experts are talking about security. Tech enthusiasts can expect to see a lot more security aware application design, and businesses taking their security a lot more seriously. We are really excited to go into 2015 with some of our security clients, with plenty of hot issues heading our way!