Team Jargon PR: Tom Johnson

We introduce our newest team member…

What is your name and where do you come from?

I’m Tom and I’m from Bath – a lovely city in the West Country, famed for its beautiful Georgian buildings and warm natural springs.

What is your favourite thing about PR?

Converting PR sceptics into believers. PR is such a vital part of any business, yet can sometimes be overlooked. It’s really enjoyable to help these people see the benefits PR brings to a business of any size and sector.

What has been the lowlight of your working life?

Learning very early on that if somebody says they’ll feature one of your stories you cannot always take that as gospel! Fortunately, having a stronger understanding of how the media works, and what they want from PRs, minimises this greatly.

What has been the highlight of your working life?

My first piece of national coverage. It was a full page in NOTW for a travel health awareness campaign, which was funded by a big pharma company. The page was dedicated to the risks of travelling abroad, with tips from a travel GP and included each of the campaign’s key messages. Tidy.

What apps do you use and why?

I love Spotify! For a reasonable cost I can create limitless playlists of any song I want and download to my iPhone for listening anywhere. I also use a lot of social media apps to connect and engage with my friends, family and peers.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Before I came to London I was a guitarist in a band. It’s still a big passion of mine but now it’s confined to the bedroom. My New Year’s resolution was to play at least one gig this year so I will have to get a move on with that if I want to keep it!

Name one food you can’t resist?

Lamb Bhuna. If I could eat that everyday and not put on weight, I would!

Tell us your favourite film, TV show and album? And why?

Film – Thor – Honestly, I’m so disappointed in myself for this but I went through a phase (year…) of watching Thor every Saturday when I woke up. I’m not even sure what it is about the film but everything just works.

TV show – Game of Thrones – EASIEST. CHOICE. EVER.

Album – AC/DC, Powerage – This was by far the most difficult choice. AC/DC have this uncanny ability to make me feel huge amounts of joy and excitement, no matter what the starting mood. This album is seminal. The order, the guitar tone, the lyrics and the solos are perfect. If I had to listen to one album for the rest of eternity it would be this.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Mind control. But I would use it for good like Professor Xavier in X-Men. Probably.