Harnessing data, the easy way…

We went on a mission this week to search the treasure trove that is the app store and found ourselves a little bit in love with these three apps for analysing data:


Evernote is an easy to use, free app which can help make your life a lot easier and productive.  The highly intelligent app helps with remembering things by allowing you to recording voice reminders, and create to-do lists.  It also allows you to take notes, store them on several different devices, and share them with your colleagues and friends. Instead of having tonnes of notes, emails, and other important documents scattered all over the place you can conveniently access everything on Evernote no matter what device you are using.


This free app allows you to connect to your high quality Dropcam while you’re on the go.  Dropcam is a wi-fi video monitoring service that allows you to connect with others and monitor what your Dropcam is viewing.  The intelligent app allows you to drop in live and connect with others, watch live footage, record footage, adjust settings such as night vision and microphone, and turn the actual Dropcam camera on and off while being no where near the actual Dropcam.   With this convenient app you wont miss anything as the Dropcam acts as a second pair of eyes at your desired location.


Waze is a free community based navigation app.  The app helps improve your trip by giving you pop up tips to help save time and money, avoid traffic and give accurate GPS service until you reach your final destination.  One of the great features of the Waze app is the pop-up notifications.  Notifications will pop up along your preset route, or within a radius if there has been any slow traffic, incidents on the road, police, speed cameras, cheap petrol stations and more.  Waze is there to help you get to your final destination with as little inconveniences as possible.

We can only ask ourselves, what’s next???