How to keep tech engaging without mentioning Breaking Bad

team_sam_mohr   Written by Sam Mohr

Among the technology publications, one of the most difficult tasks when trying to get articles placed is making them engaging and accessible to readers, in order to stand out from the crowd.

In my experience the most important thing, no matter how complex the topic, is to find an interesting angle and keep it light. I recently read this article in Computer Reseller News asking if the computer reselling channel is like Breaking Bad. This is of course an unusual comparison (especially for me, because I have never got into Breaking Bad), but it is a great example of thinking outside the box. Not only is the article entertaining, but it will get much higher readership figures than one simply talking about the channel. The readers of tech publications typically have a knowledge and understanding of the technology in question, what they are looking for is interesting insight and opinion.

You can prepare yourself for the thrill of when I compare Tech PR to the high octane drama of Eastenders in my next blog.

When confronted with a complex issue or topic, it is nice to start with something light. For example, you could throw in a pun or two, or open with something informal. The writer of this article on flash systems (resisting the urge to make a joke about the song by Queen), has described himself as a ‘non-believer’ in his opening, for not buying into the cloud.

Whether or not you agree with this view, or have an interest in flash systems, the article has carried out its purpose and drawn the reader in, with an unexpected opening.

You must have a snappy title. Either go with something light, or hit the reader hard with a serious piece of controversial opinion full of capital letters. Were you drawn into this blog post because you are obsessed with Breaking Bad? (If you were, I am sorry to disappoint).

This article has a great title: 50 Shades Of Grey: The Dull World of Accountancy. It makes no direct mention of the international bestseller within the article, but the title plays with the words to relate it to accountancy and draw the reader in.

If you have made it this far through this ‘tour de force’ of article writing, it means I have written something engaging. Now go home and watch House of Cards, it is much better than Breaking Bad!