PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs the Internet

You don’t need to be into video gaming to know that two new games consoles are being launched this month. The Xbox One from Microsoft was released on 22 November and the PS4 from Sony is out on 29 November.

Whether you’re a gamer or a beleaguered parent who is being harangued into buying one of these for Christmas, there is one other factor that you will need to consider before buying; and that is your internet connection.

An internet connection for gaming is nothing new of course, the last two generations of console have made great use for online multiplayer gaming, for additional downloadable content (DLC) and then, towards the end of the last generation, the ability to download entire games on to your device.

It’s this feature that will be one of the major issues with this new generation. Games on the last generation of consoles could take days to download as it was, with the new generation where the games are even more detailed it is estimated that games could take over a week to download unless you are lucky enough to have a fast connection.

And the problems don’t end there either. Both the PS4 and Xbox One rely heavily on connecting to Sony’s and Microsoft’s servers, a system that has struggled to cope with the launch of the two new consoles in the US. This issue is only going to get worse when other countries come online as networks struggle to cope with the influx of new machines.

And these entertainment devices show up a big issue that is facing the UK and many other countries around the world as more and more devices go online. The internet of things where many, various devices are connected is going to strain a network which, in places, struggles to serve up decent browsing speeds let alone download speeds.