Google Glass Ban

Even before the technology is available to buy in the UK, the government has said that drivers who wear Google’s new ocular technology will receive a £60 fine and get three points on their licence.

The stance follows on from the 2003 ruling that banned the use of handheld devices whilst driving or riding a motorbike, but is a little strange. The handheld ban makes sense, you have to look away from the road in order to use them, which could cause an accident. The thing with Google Glass though is that in order to use it you will be looking through the lenses.

Yes there could well be the distraction element, there will no doubt be games for the glasses, but there could also be sat nav type apps. The latter would surely be better than the current situation where car navigation devices are either built into the dashboard or are portable devices.

Other features could well include weather and traffic updates so that you can make choices whilst driving to avoid lengthy queues or accidents. Having these displayed in your field of vision is surely safer than drivers checking their phones or other devices whilst, which many already do.

The strangest thing about this is all though is that Google Glass aren’t even available in the UK yet and we don’t actually know what apps and services they will have. And seeing as so many people use their phones whilst driving, surely it would be safer to get the sort of information on the glasses than from looking down onto a handheld device as people do now?