What is the point of thought leadership?

Thought leadership is a key tactic used in PR and marketing to drive brand recognition and position a company or individual as a forward-thinking, authoritative figure within their industry. Potential clients and competitors see thought leaders as trustworthy and credible industry experts who regularly deliver insights on current and future trends within their field. Becoming a thought leader within an … Read More

What makes a good press release?

Press releases are a key tactic used by PR professionals to communicate news with journalists or directly to an audience. They’re a great way to draw attention to company announcements, partnerships, customers, product news and investments. However, in order for a press release to be effective and earn coverage, it needs to stand out. Here are a few tips on … Read More

What is news hijacking?

News Hijacking is taking a news story and using it for your benefit. It can take different formats, but typically will involve an individual spotting a breaking news story, such as a company announcement or piece of research, and then using it for their own gain by providing reporters with a relevant comment on their opinion. Comments are used regularly … Read More