Jargon PR host successful workshop as part of London Tech Week

London Tech Week

On Wednesday 14th June at Huckletree Shoreditch, Jargon’s London Office, our very own Sam and Laura led a workshop as part of London Tech Week. London Tech Week is an annual festival of live events across the city, showcasing and celebrating the best of tech whilst providing networking, social, learning and business opportunities. Titled ‘what we wish we’d known about … Read More

PR Week: Honest Creativity

Writing for PR Week, Senior Account Executive, Sam Mohr examines honesty and creativity in PR.   We’ve all been asked to sell a story no one wants to hear, through a press release that we know nobody will want to write about. Too many PRs then choose to endure that embarrassing phone call to a journalist, hoping to quickly hear the … Read More

PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs the Internet

You don’t need to be into video gaming to know that two new games consoles are being launched this month. The Xbox One from Microsoft was released on 22 November and the PS4 from Sony is out on 29 November. Whether you’re a gamer or a beleaguered parent who is being harangued into buying one of these for Christmas, there … Read More

Adobe hack and passwords

Following the news that Adobe has suffered a major security breach it is once again clear that when it comes to passwords you should be careful if you use the same one for multiple sites. The trouble is we all do it. After all how else are we to ever remember all the passwords we have to deal with in … Read More

Microsoft to bring back Blake’s 7

Following the successful relaunch of Doctor Who, Microsoft is reportedly in the process of bringing back some more classic 1970s British sci-fi in the form of Blake’s 7. According to The Financial Times, Microsoft is financing the shows in order to generate unique content for its upcoming Xbox One entertainment console that is due to be launched later this year. … Read More

Google Glass Ban

Even before the technology is available to buy in the UK, the government has said that drivers who wear Google’s new ocular technology will receive a £60 fine and get three points on their licence. The stance follows on from the 2003 ruling that banned the use of handheld devices whilst driving or riding a motorbike, but is a little … Read More

When is a camera not a camera? When it’s a phone

Nokia, this week, launched a new phone. The main selling point of the new Lumia 1020 isn’t its battery life, the size of the screen or how well you can use it to make calls. No, its main feature is that it sports a 41 megapixel camera. Yes you read that correctly, 41, not 4.1, but 41! Now this isn’t … Read More

Internet of Things

Internet enabled toasters… As a society we have got used to having internet access on our computers and now on our smartphones and TVs. Would you want it in your toaster as well though? Now this may sound stupid, but it could happen. There is a movement called the internet of things where lots of devices, perhaps everything electronic, is … Read More

Windows 8 woes

As the world moved from desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones Microsoft, the former king of the PC world, realised it was being left behind. So it cooked up Windows 8, the most radical change to a PC’s operating system since Windows 95. In many ways Windows 8 is great. Well it looks great. However, anyone who has … Read More

Augmented future, is it a reality?

Wearable computers have long since been the meat and drink of science fiction writers, soon though they could be the reality. Google has been talking about its Google Glass technology for some time, but now the hardware has finally made its way out of the labs in Mountain View. The technology, if you haven’t heard about it, enables you to … Read More